Saturday Hypnobirthing day




At the class you will both learn the process of labour and understand what is happening to your body.Your partner will learn how to help you through your labour together at home in the early stages with relaxation, massage and breathing techniques.You will learn how different positions will help your baby to descend in labour and help with the birth.

You will learn how hypno birthing works, massage and working as a couple, it is an all you need to know workshop , midwife led .

Hypnobirthing removes fear and replaces it with calm. We will practice hypnobirthing techniques so you feel comfortable together to do it at home or hospital when in labour

6 couples maximum so class is small enough for discussion .It is best to attend around 26-38 weeks of pregnancy and come with your birthing partner but you are welcome to attend any time.

The cost is £49  per person   Handouts and cds included    2019 Dates  26th Jan- March 2nd- April 6th- May 18th 10-5 pm
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   Baby Care & Breast Feeding Support Talk

This evening is hosted by Julie Whitehead.Midwife, Lactation Consultant  and Newborn Behaviour  specialist

You will have plenty of time to ask questions or discuss any anxieties you have re looking after your newborn.

You will learn feeding cues, how to recognise cries, what is normal behaviour ? how will you  know if baby is OK ?

How will you know if your baby is having enough milk?, what if your nipples get sore?

How you can make breast feeding a smooth journey and how the partner can truly help .

Nappy care, settling techniques and general care of the baby in the first weeks home

£25 per couple £15 x 1 Person Book a Talk

12 Dec 18 -13th Feb -3rd April 6.45-8.45pm