Parent & Baby Aqua Fit /Baby splash


 Parent & Baby Aqua Fit 


Do you want to get fit while exercising with your baby? This fantastic  aquacise programme does just that. For 30 minutes, you will get a great workout that is ideal for new mums as the water supports the joints, which may be under pressure from pregnancy weight gain and provides resistance training.

Aqua aerobics is a tried and tested method of getting the blood pumping, toning the body and aiding weight loss. This aqua aerobics class will be a mixture of different aquatic exercises suitable for the postnatal mum.

This aqua postnatal class is a great way to start exercising after giving birth. You can come from 6 weeks post vaginal birth and 10 weeks post caesarean section once you have had your GP check up. It is designed to help improve mum’s fitness and to introduce your baby to the water. There will be a gentle warm up, some muscle strengthening exercises and exercises to help bring the abs and pelvic floor back together.

This is a great way to start exercising again after a baby and share the fun with your new baby.

Thursday 09.45 -10.15am  we will be in the pool , please arrive 10 mins before to allow you time to get in the pool and your baby used to the water.

You can leave your pram/car seat in reception and bring a towel to pool side for your baby.

If you take your car seat to the changing room please put under the mirrors so it will not take up room and allow members to walk around safely.

Your baby must be wearing a swim nappy and swim wear.  £5.50 a session

Baby Splash 

If you prefer you can go in the baby pool with your baby . £5.50

Partners welcome in the baby pool

Aqua natal does not have to be booked.