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Hypnobirthing empowers both mother and father and has the most profound effect on the baby which lasts a lifetime. Learn the confidence and the simplicity of a natural and calm birth. Your body is designed to give birth efficiently and comfortably so that birth can be the most wonderful and empowering experience of your life.

Hypnobirthing is a well-established and well recognised, logical programme with a focus on natural birth. It uses the power of positive language to combine easy to learn methods of deep relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisation and affirmative positive thinking to reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue and fear, and, as a result, also reduce pain.

As part of learning hypnobirthing techniques, you become informed about what happens to your body during labour and birth, giving you the tools to make the best decisions for you in consultation with your medical advisors. This is combined with the important work of releasing your fear and building your confidence.

The result is that you are given back the opportunity and confidence to be in control of your own birthing experience .Hypnobirthing does not promise a perfect outcome or to totally eliminate discomfort, but it does empower you to remain calm and enjoy a positive birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing encourages the fathers/birth partners to take an active role in the birth of their baby. This enables the couple to form a stronger bond and gives the father/birth partner the knowledge that they played an important part in their baby’s birth. Thus deepening the bond with their child.

Hypnobirthing gives you the tools to be able to make informed choices and the confidence to enact those choices. It helps you to trust your body, your baby and your instinct, which are designed for birth, so that you can enjoy pregnancy and birth without fear and the ‘expected’ pain. Hypnobirthing mothers often have fewer interventions and fewer drugs.


Hypnobirthing cannot promise the perfect natural birth, but it teaches you how to have the best birth for you, whatever the circumstances. Often a mother describes a hypnobirthing as the most wonderful and empowering experience of her life.

Hypnobirthing gives you the knowledge and the tools to have the best natural child birth for you.

You need information and knowledge in order to get the best from the system in which you find yourself.  You need to understand the implications of the choices you may be required to make.

Most of all, you need to release fear and learn to trust your body, your instinct, and your baby.  In order to do this, you need information and knowledge.

Labour and birth workshops are held on saturdays every month £95 per couple


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