Meet the Team

Julie Whitehead  R.M   I.B.C.L.C.

Originally a registered Nurse from the Isle of Man I moved to the South Coast in 1995 to become a midwife. My passions as a midwife are ante natal education, breast feeding and the new parent-baby relationship. I have two grown up sons and a grand son

One of the things I really enjoy is to help and support the new family with the transition into parenthood, this can be with regular local meet ups or in my classes.

Dip He Midwifery studies

I have been working as a midwife for over 20 years years and I currently work in Southsea, Portsmouth.

For 7 years I gained experience and worked in a Private Exclusive Birthing centre in North London  with Yehudi Gordon, one of the founders of the Active Birth Movement, I have also worked with Janet Balaskas in the Active Birth Centre in London and also  learnt the use of natural therapies in labour . For 2 years I worked in a Private clinic on Harley St. London, advising women on pregnancy, birth and breast feeding. I am also a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner

Newborn Behaviour Observation practitioner (NBO)

While babies may not speak their first word for a year, they are born ready to communicate with a rich vocabulary of body movements, cries and visual responses: all part of the complex language of infant behaviour. The NBO looks at a wide range of behaviours and is suitable for examining newborns and infants up to two months old. By the end of the assessment, the examiner has a behavioural “portrait” of the infant, describing the baby’s strengths, adaptive responses and possible vulnerabilities.

Lactation Consultant

One of my passions is supporting women with breast feeding their babies. I have been a registered lactation consultant for 12  years.

I can visit new mothers in their homes and help if they are experiencing problems,  I can also cut tongue ties at their home if it is making feeding difficult.I am also registered with the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

Aqua natal teacher

Aqua natal classes are held weekly at Portsmouth Roko, Copnor Rd .Aqua is followed by coffee in the lounge with time for questions and advice .

First aid

I am a registered Paediatric First Aid Instructor and Assessor. (a.i.d. Training & Operations)

Baby Massage

I have been registered with the International School of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement since 2003 The power of touch via baby massage is immense, I run 5 week baby massage courses and also couples  baby massage on a Saturday in Portsmouth. I am also a baby yoga teacher which i incorporate into my baby massage class.


During pregnancy you can attend my 5 week Pregnancy & Birth Preparation course to help prepare your body and mind for labour and birth.Post natally you can  drop by to the  Pilates group with your baby and help work on your abs back and pelvic floor with your baby at your side. Once you have your baby you can attend my 6 week post natal recovery pilates .


Working on an active birth unit for 7 years with Yehudi Gordon help me gain vast experience on helping a woman through her pregnancy and labour without the use of conventional drugs. It was a great insight into how women with the right encouragement and environment can tune into their own bodies and manage a lot better with labour. Informing partners of the labour process and how to help the labouring woman ensured the couple both felt ready for labour, birth and beyond.I hold monthly Hypno birth  workshops in Portsmouth to help the couple understand labour and how to help each other.

Placenta Encapsulation             IPEN Registered…. specialist  making your placenta into tablets for you to help reduce post natal depression, Raise iron levels and aid milk production

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Osteopath Treatments for mother and baby

Elaine Elkington, Registered Osteopath 07770 606 359

Elaine works in the nursery at the You & Your Baby Hub -Bransbury park  Southsea on Wednesdays

About me.About Me #01

I have been a Registered Osteopath since 2000 after training with The European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone. In this same year I undertook post-graduate training in London with the Sutherland Cranial College.  I am currently following a course in Biodynamic osteopathy which is helping me to further develop my work in the cranial field with babies and children as well as adults.

With osteopathy practices in Southsea and London, I offer treatment for all the family, including babies and toddlers. I treat all ages from the very young to the very old! My youngest patient to date is 2 days old and my oldest was 95. I have been qualified as an osteopath for over 18 years and I work using both cranial technique (especially with babies) and structural osteopathy.  I treat women during all stages of pregnancy and after the birth.  Babies can be brought at any time and if you would like to speak before deciding to book an appointment please call me on 07770 606359.

As well as treating babies, I enjoy treating children and teenagers although do not get this opportunity as much as I would like as many parents are not aware that Osteopaths can help children. I treat children with injuries such as a knee strain from dancing and teenagers for problems such as sport related injuries and head or neck pain as well as tension or anxiety from the pressures of school life and exams.  Babies and children usually have good vitality and respond well to treatment.



Julie Osborne –Sports Massage Therapist  BSc, PGCE, ITEC

New Introductory offers

Hello , I’m a trained massage therapist who has recently become a first time mummy, and realised the challenge of treating yourself to a bit of pampering when you have a little one to care for, and also the aches and pains you suffer from after the birth, carrying baby and having reduced sleep.
I came up with ‘mummy massage’ concept to give mums the opportunity to get a massage and bring their baby along. You can also be treated with friends so one can ‘babysit’ whilst the other is treated or if you find yourself with a bit a free time, come alone.

Massage for Mothers

Let me help massage away those aches and pains and relieve some of the mummy stress we can feel . Deep tissue massage can be applied to the back, neck, shoulders and limbs to relieve pressure caused by carrying, lifting and generally caring for your baby. Your pre treatment consultation is via e mail/online prior to your appointment, meaning you dont waste anytime with paperwork

We have 3 options available :

Mummy & Me

Bring your baby along, hold them while your treated or allow them to sleep/play while you have your massage . As a new mother myself I know how temperamental babies can be, so we will work together to ensure baby and mummy are both happy. 30 mins £15

Mummy Time

If you find you have some time alone, come and have a relaxing deep tissue treatment -you can even catch up on some sleep whilst you are treated. 30 Mins £15

Tag team

Bring a friend, family member or daddy. Book a double slot and take it in turns to look after your baby and be treated. This is offered at a reduced cost to save money. 2 x 30 min slots £28

I am very flexible to your needs so do feel free to ask me for small groups massages if it suits you and a group of friends .

Held in the warm and relaxing nursery at the You & Your Baby Hub Bransbury park

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Sports Massage

Target your injury prone areas. relieve some muscular tension or have a regular maintenance massage to ensure your performing to your optimum level. With a lot of experience, from a variety of sports, i offer treatments to sports people of all ages and as an experienced coach and sports person myself-i understand the demands that sport takes on the body. Your pre treatment consultation is via e mail/online prior to your appointment, meaning you dont waste anytime with paperwork which ensures you get as much hands on treatment as possible.

3 options available

Set play

A quick session targeted on one specific area, somewhere you may be feeling the strain or an area used continually in your sport.This session is also the ideal amount of time for a pre event massage if you have a match or competition coming up .  20 mins £12

Half Time

Choose from either back, neck , shoulders or leg treatment . A broader area treated, still targeting any issues you have, but also giving the surrounding muscles a bit more attention £35 mins  £20

The Match

A full body, maintenance treatment, working on all major muscle groups. this ensures your entire body is ready for your next sporting performance. 45 mins £35

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Ferrucio Elvezia Reflexologist 

Ferrucio has been living in Rio De Janeiro working in a  clinic helping many mothers and sports people with his reflexology . He is highly skilled in his practice and has trained with the very best. He is specialised in Maternity, fertility and preconception reflexology.





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