Johanne Ryder – Sleep Support Specialist

Sleep Consultant / Night Nanny and Childcare Specialist – NNEB

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a Mother of two small children with over 26 years experience in Childcare, (NNEB Trained)

I was looking for work to fit around my new young family after the birth of my son in February 2010, and wanted to still progress my career.

I came to realise what a great service I could offer to new parents as well as mothers expecting siblings. I befriended the owner of the Hampshire franchise ‘Night Nannies’, Georgie advised me of the next steps I could make to become a Night Nanny and Sleep Consultant Specialist. Including up to date training in sleep consultancy. It was then that I realised how I could make this into my new career.

Giving advice and support was a big part of my work as a Day Nursery Manager. I have now been a Night Nanny and Sleep Consultant since July 2010, having provided services such as helping parents through sleep issues, giving Mums & Dads a well earned rest and supporting them at the anxious time of bringing their new bundle of joy home for the first time, I have found my work to be extremely rewarding & fulfilling knowing that I have helped them through some very hard & challenging times.