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Why is the Placenta so important for post-birth healing?      

 During and after a normal vaginal delivery (including post-natal bleeding) a new mother will lose between 1/8 to 1/10 of her body’s blood supply. With caesarean section births, blood loss can be significantly more.  Losing a large amount of iron so quickly can cause anaemia, leaving a new mum feeling tired, faint and exhausted.  The blood needs high supplies of iron to carry oxygen to the cells. Low supplies of oxygen leave your cells starving and less able to heal after trauma.

The placenta benefits the new mother by supplying incredibly rich meaty iron, amino acids and essential fats which we believe is the perfect replenishment following the ordeal of birth.

Stem cells and growth factors in the placenta play a key role in healing the wound left inside the uterus after birth by the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.  A mother will typically bleed for between 3 – 6 weeks after birth.  This blood loss stems from where the placenta separated from the uterine wall.  We have found however that mothers who consume their placenta after birth, particularly after consuming raw placenta in a smoothie or other, bleed significantly less e.g. usually much lighter bleeding for between just 5 – 10 days after giving birth.

The most important nutrients found in rich supply in the placenta include:

  • Stem Cells and Growth Factors.
  • Iron – essential for oxygen absorption in the cells.
  • Vitamins B6 – aids in the making of antibodies.
  • Vitamin E – for healing damaged skin cells.
  • Oxytocin hormone – essential for facilitating birth and breastfeeding.
  • Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) – responsible for reducing stress levels.
  • Cytokines – Fibroblasts that trigger cell metabolism healing and replacing damaged cells and tissue.

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Please see the placenta network who i am a member of -website for more info   .. Placenta Remedies Network

Umbilical cord dried

Placenta Tablets -Usually 90-190 tablets



      Placenta Encapsulation –Traditional Chinese Medicine Style

  • Portsmouth Area Home collection of placenta  and made into capsules (Traditional Chinese Medicine) £170 All placentas are collected by hand in a cooler bag to ensure it is safe.
  • Gosport& Fareham Area  Home collection of placenta  and made into capsules (Traditional Chinese Medicine) £190 Capsules delivered by Recorded Next day delivery Free  Hand delivery £25
  • Petersfield Area Home collection of placenta  and made into capsules (Traditional Chinese Medicine) £190 Capsules delivered by Recorded Next day delivery Free  Hand delivery £25

    Raw Placenta smoothie 

    This recipe gives a new mother an enjoyable post-birth revitalising fruit drink packed with her body’s own uniquely designed healing nutrients AND IT TASTES GREAT!If ordered with capsules £25. Smoothie alone £45 Portsmouth

     Essence Placenta Essence

    An essence is exactly that, it is the essence, the intrinsic nature, the soul, the fundamental quality of a particular person, place, or substance. The essence of your placenta holds a tremendous power to heal you and your child. An essence heals on an energetic or vibrational level, stimulating our vital force.  £40

                         homeopathic        Homeopathic Placenta Remedy may:

    • improve symptoms of emotional distress, depression, anxiety, sorrow and mourning
    • improve symptoms of hormonal imbalance
    • help your baby with colic, crying fits, teething and separation anxiety £50




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