Pregnancy & Post Natal Depression / Anxiety


Respond Services Finish After Dec 15  2018 – No further funding.


Respond is a local group of health professionals who have come together to help support the women and families of Portsmouth who are suffering with mild to moderate pre and post natal depression or anxiety. Respond Portsmouth was set up by Julie Whitehead – a Registered Midwife & Lactation Consultant. Julie is working in partnership with Talking Change, Talking Change specialises in providing evidence based psychological therapies for depression and anxiety for Portsmouth registered GPs. This is a free service for pregnant women and mums with children up to 1 year old whose are registered with a GP in the PO1-PO6 area.

There is the option of attending  free groups  to meet other mothers for support and we can also arrange any treatment if necessary. If your illness is diagnosed as something else or more serious we can refer you to a service that can best meet your needs. Please see below a list of free groups – ALL WELCOME.

On the Talking Change website  look at Mums and babies and find information   about local support, a 7  week CBT course of treatment we provide and other useful links. You can contact us directly or be referred by your midwife, health visitor or GP. There is also the option to self-refer by using the contact form on the respond site. A call from Talking Change  will follow who will discuss your circumstances and suggest the best course of treatment for you. If you are referred onto our course all information will be sent to you by post or email.You can also refer yourself to the group by clicking the contact form on the Talking Change website.

Local Support

There is a free coffee afternoon in Portsmouth  mothers to attend babies welcome. This is an   informal coffee afternoon  to come and relax and chat.

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